The Next Generation of Digital Evidence Solutions

Daybreak brings unique expert knowledge, extensive experience and next generation technologies to help companies implement effective information risk management practices and to deal swiftly and effectively with e-Discovery and information security events before they become disasters.




We work with clients on a broad range of e-discovery matters but are particularly proud of our ability to quickly develop custom solutions to address challenging sources such as complex corporate systems, cloud services, personal data stores, social networking sites, collaboration systems and other online sources.




Our greatest strategic value is in helping corporate clients to establish and maintain a right-sized Information Risk Framework. This includes assessing and improving litigation readiness and addressing potential “blind spots” around digital evidence, as well as helping to measure and optimize an organization’s “forensic footprint”.




Our team has a proven ability to parachute into the unknown and quickly uncover key evidence from complex systems and obscure sources. We routinely locate evidence that clients did not know they had and provide innovative solutions to challenges which others have been unable to solve.




Alongside our consulting services, Daybreak also provides technology that embodies our many years of experience in addressing digital evidence stored in cloud services. In a nutshell, our aim is to bring forensic rigor to cloud computing

Cloud Email

The most advanced solution for collecting evidence from Microsoft Office 365 and other cloud email services such as Gmail. This technology addresses the current challenge of collecting email from cloud based email systems in a high-integrity, forensically sound manner.


Cloud Usage

An innovative cloud usage detection tool that highlights the use of unofficial cloud based storage which may hold evidence relevant to litigation or other corporate content. This helps address the growing issue of unsanctioned cloud service adoption within companies.


& Preserve

A robust platform for collection and preservation of any type of web content as evidence from sources such as corporate websites, blogs, social media content and web-based applications. It provides forensic rigor in the preservation of web and social media content.




We Go Beyond the Obvious

The average corporate email passes through numerous systems before being delivered. Are you really checking all of the systems which could store critical data? We don’t simply “look under the streetlight”, we reach into systems which are often ignored by other teams and therefore find evidence that would otherwise be missed.

We Know Enterprise Systems

Our team has been designing, implementing and operating complex enterprise systems for decades. We understand that HR, ERP and financial systems often contain huge volumes of data and that they can be an important source of evidence. We also have the skills to identify and extract relevant data in a defensible manner, without disrupting system operations or imposing undue burden on the IT department.

We Uncover the Evidence

Increasingly, corporate data is finding its way into personal employee accounts, for example on Gmail, LinkedIn, DropBox, EverNote, etc. We have worked with many clients to address the challenges of personal employee accounts and to enable careful selective collection of relevant evidence, in a way that is minimally invasive and which therefore facilitates employee consent.



Intellectual Property Theft

Collected and analyzed evidence from PCs, servers and network devices to substantiate suspected IP theft, enabling client to file a winning suit.

Complex e-Discovery

Managed a multi-year project to identify, preserve and collect digital evidence from 250 custodians, involving PC, email, home directory, enterprise applications and cloud based email systems in the US and Europe.

Legacy Litigation (1990’s)

Analyzed terabytes of “abandoned” content on file servers and restored multiple decommissioned systems to confirm that no extra relevant data existed.

Complex e-Discovery

Remotely collected data for over 100 distributed custodians and developed a robust data collection protocol for a complex CRM system.

Corporate Investigation

Remotely collected volatile digital evidence (including CCTV recordings) in a time-bound case where data destruction was imminent.

Security Breach Response

Led the response to a complex breach, to determine the scope of compromise and nature of exposed data, guiding effective decision making and an effective response.

Online Evidence Collection

Collected evidence from the personal web-based email accounts of employees involved in litigation, enabling true evidential collection from challenging source.



….I have relied on the Daybreak team to co-ordinate all e-Discovery activities at Élan for many years and have always been impressed by their timely, efficient and thorough response on all matters. They have been able to seamlessly co-ordinate all relevant activities between our internal IT team and external counsel and have worked with the legal group to develop a cost-effective model for the identification, collection and processing of responsive electronic material….

VP Intellectual Property & Litigation